Faculty / Staff - ( Cardiology )

Faculty member currently in the department  (List with designations)



Dr Sandeep Bansal

Dr H S Isser

Dr A H Ansari

Dr Preeti Gupta

Dr Ankit Jain

Dr Anunay gupta

Dr Saurabh Asgstam

Dr Shaheer Ahmed

Dr Farhaz Ahmed Farooqi

Dr Ashutosh

Dr Nitish Rai


Professor and HOD

Professor and Consultant


Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor1

Assistant Professor1

Assistant Professor1


1. Contractual

DM Students

Dr. Tushar Agarwal – Final year

Dr. Rahul Kumar – Final year

Dr. Gaurav Diwani – Second year

Dr. Shivank Gupta – Second year

Dr. Durlabhesh Rawat – First year

Dr. Nevil Patel – First year

Academic Classes for DM Students (8:30 am to 9:30 am)

Monday : Mortality discussion

Tuesday : Bedside clinics

Wednesday: Short seminar

Thursday: Journal Club

Friday: Cath Discussion

Saturday: Cath Discussion


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